SpreadsheetGear 2023
SpreadsheetGear2023.Windows.WPF Assembly

SpreadsheetGear2023.Windows.WPF.dll enables developers to add the WPF WorkbookView and FormulaBar controls to Microsoft .NET Framework solutions.

SpreadsheetGear2023.Windows.WPF is a safe, managed, strong named assembly which requires .NET Framework 4.6.2+ as well as the SpreadsheetGear2023.Core assembly.

The WPF WorkbookView control may be used with the SpreadsheetGear for Windows Forms Workbook Designer, Workbook Explorer, Range Explorer and Chart Explorer by adding references to SpreadsheetGear2023.Drawing.dll, SpreadsheetGear2023.Windows.Forms.dll and SpreadsheetGear2023.Windows.Forms.Integration.dll to WPF applications. Just right click on the WPF WorkbookView control at runtime and choose Workbook Designer, Workbook Explorer or Range Explorer from the context menu.