SpreadsheetGear 2023
SpreadsheetGear2023.Drawing Assembly

SpreadsheetGear2023.Drawing.dll enables developers to add Excel compatible GDI+ imaging and printing support to Microsoft .NET Framework solutions.

SpreadsheetGear2023.Drawing is a safe, managed, strong named assembly which requires .NET Framework 4.6.2+ as well as the SpreadsheetGear2023.Core assembly.

See the SpreadsheetGear2023.Windows.Forms and SpreadsheetGear2023.Windows.WPF assemblies for Windows Forms and WPF support.

The SpreadsheetGear.Drawing namespace consists of classes related to drawing such as the System.Drawing.Image class which enables creating images from charts and ranges.
The SpreadsheetGear.Drawing.Printing namespace provides an API for printing workbooks, worksheets, ranges of cells, and charts.