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SpreadsheetGear 2009 installs the SpreadsheetGear Explorer sample solutions for C# and Visual Basic. While these samples are contained in a Windows Forms application, they are highly recommended even for ASP.NET developers because they show how to take advantage of a number of the most frequently used SpreadsheetGear APIs, including many APIs which ASP.NET developers will find useful.

The SpreadsheetGear website provides a number of ASP.NET Excel Reporting, Excel Charting, Dashboards from Excel Charts and Ranges, Excel Calculation and Excel to DataGrid samples as live running samples with C# and Visual Basic source code. With the exception of the Dashboards from Excel Charts and Ranges samples, most of the techniques demonstrated in the ASP.NET samples are either covered in the SpreadsheetGear Explorer samples, or are specific to ASP.NET development.

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