SpreadsheetGear Samples and Tutorials

SpreadsheetGear API

See SpreadsheetGear's robust API in action, interacting with nearly any aspect of an Excel workbook. These APIs can be used in a wide variety of application types--Web, Desktop, Console, Azure Functions, Windows Service and more.

Razor Pages

SpreadsheetGear and ASP.NET Core make it easy to automate Excel report generation, create dynamic dashboards from Excel charts and ranges, utilize high performance Excel-compatible calculations without Excel, and move data between Excel workbooks and DataSets, DataTables, web pages. Interact with these live samples to get a feel for using SpreadsheetGear in your own ASP.NET Core MVC or Razor Page app.

Blazor Server

Utilize SpreadsheetGear in your Blazor Server apps to serve up spreadsheet-related content. This sample demonstrates dynamically populating a workbook template, displaying the resulting range data as an HTML table, and also rendering a chart image of the report data.

SpreadsheetGear Explorer Samples on GitHub

Over 110 samples demonstrating SpreadsheetGear's features using ASP.NET Core, WPF and Windows Forms apps on .NET 6.

SpreadsheetGear Engine for .NET Tutorials

Tutorials demonstrate SpreadsheetGear Engine for .NET in ASP.NET Core MVC, .NET Core, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. SpreadsheetGear Engine for .NET could also be used on other platforms such as the full .NET Framework, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Xamarin.Forms, Mono and any other platform that supports .NET Standard.

Windows Forms & WPF Controls

Make life easier for your users with the SpreadsheetGear Windows Forms and WPF spreadsheet controls (for both .NET Framework and .NET Core) which combine Visual Studio integration with the ability to create, read, modify, view, edit, format, calculate, sort, filter, print and write workbooks for Microsoft Excel 97-2019 and Excel for Office 365 without Excel.

ASP.NET Web Forms

Download a Visual Studio Solution containing runnable samples that were available on an older version of our website which demonstrated using the SpreadsheetGear for .NET Framework product in an ASP.NET Web Forms app on the full .NET Framework.