SpreadsheetGear 2017
SpreadsheetGear2017.Windows.Silverlight Assembly

SpreadsheetGear2017.Windows.Silverlight.dll enables developers to add the Silverlight WorkbookView and FormulaBar controls to Microsoft Silverlight solutions.

SpreadsheetGear2017.Windows.Silverlight is a safe, managed, strong named assembly which requires Silverlight 5.

See the SpreadsheetGear2017.Core, SpreadsheetGear2017.Drawing, SpreadsheetGear2017.Windows.Forms and SpreadsheetGear2017.Windows.WPF assemblies for .NET 4.0, GDI+, Windows Forms and WPF support.


The SpreadsheetGear namespace consists primarily of interfaces along with a few classes and enumerations which provide access to the SpreadsheetGear spreadsheet model.

The SpreadsheetGear.Advanced.Cells namespace provides a high performance API for getting and setting the values and formulas of cells.
The SpreadsheetGear.Charts namespace provides a comprehensive API for creating and modifying charts.
The SpreadsheetGear.Commands namespace provides undoable and redoable commands which are shared by the Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight WorkbookView controls.
The SpreadsheetGear.CustomFunctions namespace provides an API for defining custom functions which may be added to a workbook set.
The SpreadsheetGear.Printing namespace provides a printing API shared by the Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight WorkbookView controls.
The SpreadsheetGear.Shapes namespace provides an API for manipulating shapes which are owned by a sheet.
The SpreadsheetGear.Themes namespace provides an API for Microsoft Office compatible themes.