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Public Methods
 MethodCloses this workbook and releases associated resources.  
 MethodConverts the specified System.DateTime to a date-time serial number appropriate for storage in a worksheet cell.  
 MethodOverloaded. Returns a newly created data set consisting of a data table for the used range of each worksheet in the workbook.  
 MethodConverts the specified date-time serial number to an instance of System.DateTime.  
 MethodEnables protection for this workbook with the specified password and protection options.  
 MethodSaves this workbook using the current FullName.  
 MethodOverloaded. Saves this workbook using the specified filename and FileFormat, and updates the FullName property.  
 MethodOverloaded. Saves this workbook to a newly created memory buffer in the specified FileFormat.  
 MethodOverloaded. Saves this workbook to a stream in the specified FileFormat.  
 MethodDisables protection for the workbook with the specified password.  
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