Excel Compatibility for iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, UWP and More

SpreadsheetGear for .NET Standard enables developers for iOS, Android, Linux, macOS and UWP to easily take advantage of scalable Excel Reporting, comprehensive Excel compatible charting APIs, the fastest and most complete Excel compatible calculations and more using a single assembly which implements the same API employed by thousands of Windows developers for more than a decade.

This library supports the Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, Universal Windows Platform, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, Mono and any other platform which supports .NET Standard 1.3.

For comprehensive Excel compatible Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight UI controls and ASP.NET image rendering see the SpreadsheetGear 2017 family of products here.

SpreadsheetGear for .NET Standard is delivered via NuGet.

SpreadsheetGear for .NET Standard Tutorials

This tutorial section is intended to help you download and get started with SpreadsheetGear for .NET Standard using several development tools and platforms. To learn more about SpreadsheetGear for .NET Standard refer to the SpreadsheetGear 2017 for .NET Documentation keeping in mind the following:
  • The SpreadsheetGear for .NET Standard assembly SpreadsheetGear.dll has an API which is virtually identical to the API in SpreadsheetGear2017.Core.dll. Please visit our Comparison Page for more information on where differences do exist.
  • SpreadsheetGear.dll includes internal font metric and layout implementations to enable autofitting of rows and columns or working with charts and shapes. There is no UI (WorkbookView, FormulaBar, Workbook Designer, etc...) or image rendering (Image classes).
  • Most of Key Concepts applies and is important for understanding SpreadsheetGear.dll APIs.
  • Many of the SpreadsheetGear 2017 Samples demonstrate how to use identical APIs and you can see the source code, as well as the result in a WorkbookView control (SpreadsheetGear Explorer) or browser (ASP.NET). Many of the ASP.NET samples will run unchanged in an ASP.NET Web Forms project which targets .NET Framework 4.6.1 after adding a reference to the SpreadsheetGear NuGet package.
Excel Icon

Excel Reporting

A simple Web App that generates an Excel workbook and streams it to the browser.
Excel Icon

Excel Reporting from Template

A simple Web App that generates an Excel workbook from a template file and streams the populated workbook to the browser.
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Spreadsheet Calculations
Console App

A simple Console Application that performs a basic worksheet formula calculation.
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Spreadsheet Calculations
Xamarin.iOS iPhone/iPad App

A simple Xamarin.iOS iPhone or iPad app that performs a basic worksheet formula calculation.
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Spreadsheet Calculations
Xamarin.Android App

A simple Xamarin.Android app that performs a basic worksheet formula calculation.