SpreadsheetGear Joins the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Program


LENEXA, KS, August 23, 2005 - Today, SpreadsheetGear LLC, the Performance Spreadsheet Component Company, announced that it has joined the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program. With SpreadsheetGear for .NET, a Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet component for the Microsoft .NET Framework and integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, developers will be able to allow Excel users to utilize their skills in a form in which they are both knowledgeable and comfortable.


SpreadsheetGear for .NET features the most complete spreadsheet calculation engine available in a spreadsheet component.  All of Excel’s financial, date, time, text, lookup, math, trigonometry, statistical and database functions are supported, as well as all types, operators, defined names, data tables, array formulas, iteration, precision as displayed and more.  SpreadsheetGear for .NET is 100 percent managed code, yet because it is designed for modern CPU architectures, it advances the state of the art in spreadsheet performance.


“As a privately funded company led by veteran software developers, we have had the luxury of taking the time to reinvent the way spreadsheet calculation engines work, and have built a solid foundation for future spreadsheet components from SpreadsheetGear,” said Joe Erickson, Founder and CEO of SpreadsheetGear.


“Visual Studio.NET and Microsoft Visual C# .NET  have provided a significant improvement in productivity over Java and Java IDEs.  As the creators and lead developers of Formula One for Java (the only full featured spreadsheet for the Java platform), we believe we are qualified to make such a statement,” according to Terry Erickson, Chief Software Architect for SpreadsheetGear.  “The ability to extend Visual Studio.NET’s IntelliSense and Dynamic Help measurably reduces the time to develop solutions with add-in components such as SpreadsheetGear for .NET.”


“We welcome SpreadsheetGear to the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner Program.  The improved ability to create, modify, calculate, read and write Microsoft Excel (versions 97 and higher) workbooks will allow our mutual customers to create a broad range of solutions in a rich and familiar form,” said Nick Abbott, group manager of the .NET Developer Product Marketing Group at Microsoft Corp.


About SpreadsheetGear

SpreadsheetGear LLC is a privately held software publisher located in Lenexa, Kansas.  The company was founded by Joe Erickson in 2003 to develop a new generation of Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet technology for the Microsoft .NET Framework, including Windows Forms, Web Forms, SQL Server, and Microsoft Office solutions.  Since 1984, Erickson has led the development of the Smart Spreadsheet, Wingz for Macintosh, Formula One VBX, Formula One ActiveX and Formula One for Java.  Fully functional evaluations of SpreadsheetGear for .NET may be downloaded from www.spreadsheetgear.com.


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