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SpreadsheetGear® Adds Microsoft Excel 2007 Open XML and Excel Compatible Charting Support to ASP.NET and Windows Forms Spreadsheet Component

LENEXA, KS, October 14th, 2008 - Today, SpreadsheetGear LLC announced the immediate availability of SpreadsheetGear 2008.  With one safe managed assembly, SpreadsheetGear 2008 enables developers to easily add scalable ASP.NET Excel Reporting, dynamic Dashboards from Excel Charts and Ranges, powerful Windows Forms Spreadsheet Controls, comprehensive Excel Compatible Charting, the fastest and most complete Excel Compatible Calculations and much more.

“Microsoft Excel 2007 was the most impressive upgrade to Excel in a decade. Likewise, SpreadsheetGear 2008 is the most impressive upgrade to SpreadsheetGear’s spreadsheet component technology since SpreadsheetGear for .NET 1.0 was released. New features include Excel 2007 Open XML (.xlsx) support, Excel compatible charting, chart and range image rendering and more,” said Terry Erickson, Chief Software Architect, SpreadsheetGear LLC.

SpreadsheetGear 2008 Makes Charting, Reporting and Dashboard Development Easier

“Now users and developers can design interactive dashboards, reports, charts, and models in Microsoft Excel, and developers can easily deploy these designs to ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications,” said Joe Erickson, Founder and CEO, SpreadsheetGear LLC. “Developers get all of this in one affordable, royalty-free component which comes with one year of updates and upgrades as well as one year of phone and email support provided by the developers who write the code.”

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About SpreadsheetGear

SpreadsheetGear LLC is a privately held software publisher located in Lenexa, Kansas.  The company was founded by Joe Erickson in 2003 to develop a new generation of Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet components for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Our key developers have over fifty years of combined experience developing high-performance, commercially available spreadsheet technology which is used by most of the Fortune 500. SpreadsheetGear has helped thousands of developers from large and small companies in more than fifty countries to build better, faster and easier to use solutions.

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