Razor Page Samples - Excel Calculation Engine

The true power of SpreadsheetGear is realized when using its superior Microsoft Excel compatible calculation engine. Unmatched performance and accuracy, 398 Excel compatible functions, multithreaded recalc, array formula support and more provide a competitive advantage to any ASP.NET, Windows Forms or WPF application.

Formula Evaluation

This sample demonstrates evaluating a single Excel compatible formula entered into a web form.

Simple Loan Calculator

This sample demonstrates calculating a loan payment based on input from a web form. By using this design pattern, you can easily deploy complex numeric, financial and statistics calculators which call on the full power of SpreadsheetGear's Microsoft Excel compatible calculation capabilities.

Amortization Calculator

This sample extends the Simple Loan Calculator with an amortization table which is displayed in an HTML Table. Of particular interest is the use of the defined name, AmortizationTableForNPer, which uses the OFFSET() worksheet function to return a dynamically sized range.

Custom Functions

This sample demonstrates creating your own custom functions in .NET and adding them to a workbook set. The worksheet formulas which utilize these custom functions are compatible with Microsoft Excel worksheet formulas which utilize VBA or XLL custom functions.