Live Razor Page Samples

These samples demonstrate using SpreadsheetGear with ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, but could easily be applied to the more traditional ASP.NET Core MVC framework or Web API.

Excel Chart and Range Imaging

Create great looking dashboards from Excel charts and ranges

There is a good chance that you and your users already know how to create great looking dashboards and charts in Excel. The web has a wide variety of resources for creating "Excel Dashboards". Now you can leverage this knowledge and information by designing your dashboards and charts in Excel and deploying them with SpreadsheetGear.

Excel Charting

Enable users to visualize data by adding Excel charts to reports

Richly formatted workbooks with fast and complete calculations are the heart and soul of a spreadsheet, but the ability to make good decisions is greatly enhanced by the ability to visualize data. Enhance your users' understanding of their data by taking advantage of SpreadsheetGear's comprehensive Excel compatible charting support.

Excel Calculation Engine

Fastest and most complete Excel compatible calculations without Excel

The true power of SpreadsheetGear is realized when using its superior Microsoft Excel compatible calculation engine. Unmatched performance and accuracy, 398 Excel compatible functions, multithreaded recalc, array formula support and more provide a competitive advantage to any ASP.NET, Windows Forms or WPF application.

Range To HTML Table Tag Helper

SpreadsheetGear has a robust API to access various attributes at the workbook, worksheet and individual cell level that can be leveraged to create HTML representations of your Excel data. These samples demonstrate the use of a simple Tag Helper to convert an IRange to an HTML Table, applying a limited amount of formatting to the HTML table.

Use SpreadsheetGear to generate Excel workbooks from a database. Copy data from a DataTable or DataSet into a worksheet with SpreadsheetGear API specifically designed for these objects. Or if you use Entity Framework Core or another ORM, copy the query results to a worksheet with SpreadsheetGear's extensive worksheet and range API.