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Demonstrates using various features and options when copying one range to another, including:

  • Using PasteType flags to copy specific aspects of the source range to the destination range, such as copying only values, including formulas and number formats, cell formatting such as font, interior color, borders, etc.
  • Use Skip Blanks feature to not overwrite the value in the destination range when the corresponding cell in the source range is blank.
  • Use Transpose feature to swap rows for columns or vice-versa when pasting.
  • Repeat the source range to the destination range when pasting into a range that is larger than the source range but evenly divisible by the source range.
  • Apply PasteOperation flags to apply arithmetic operations when the source and destination ranges are both numeric values.
// Open workbook with some sample data on "Sheet1" and make some local variables to this sheet 
// and its cells.
SpreadsheetGear.IWorkbook workbook = 
SpreadsheetGear.IWorksheet worksheet = workbook.Worksheets["Sheet1"];
SpreadsheetGear.IRange cells = worksheet.Cells;

// Range B3:B13 contains the data we'll be copying to other cells.
SpreadsheetGear.IRange sourceRange = cells["B3:B13"];

// Copy all aspects of the source range to the destination range of D3:D13.

// PasteTypes - specify what aspects of the source range you want to copy to the 
// destination range.
    // Copy values only.  Note for the destination range we pass just E3 and let
    // SpreadsheetGear expand this to the full paste range (E3:E13).
    sourceRange.Copy(cells["E3"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.Values, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.None, false, false);

    // Copy Formulas.
    sourceRange.Copy(cells["F3"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.Formulas, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.None, false, false);

    // Copy Formulas.
    sourceRange.Copy(cells["G3"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.Formats, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.None, false, false);

    // Copy Comments.
    sourceRange.Copy(cells["H3"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.Comments, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.None, false, false);

    // Copy All Except Borders.
    sourceRange.Copy(cells["I3"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.AllExceptBorders, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.None, false, false);

    // Copy Values and Number Formats.
    sourceRange.Copy(cells["J3"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.ValuesAndNumberFormats, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.None, false, false);

    // Copy Formulas and Number Formats.
    sourceRange.Copy(cells["K3"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.FormulasAndNumberFormats, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.None, false, false);

    // Copy Column Widths.
    sourceRange.Copy(cells["L3"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.ColumnWidths, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.None, false, false);

    // Copy Validation.  A Validation List is setup for cells D3:D7 and will get
    // copied to M3:M7.
    sourceRange.Copy(cells["M3"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.Validation, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.None, false, false);

// Other Paste Options
    // Skip Blanks will not copy blank cells in the source range, thereby preserving any
    // existing values in the destination range.  In this example, N8's value (in the
    // destination range) of 'Orig Data' will be persisted because B8 (in the source range)
    // is blank.
    cells["N3:N13"].Value = "Orig Data";
    sourceRange.Copy(cells["N3"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.All, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.None, true, false);

    // Repeat source range when destination range is evenly "divisible" by the source
    // range.  In this example, the source range consists of 5 cells and the destination
    // range consists of 20 cells, so the source range will repeat 4 times into the
    // destination range.

    // Transpose
    sourceRange.Copy(cells["D15"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.Values, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.None, false, true);

// Paste Operations - apply simple arithmetic operations (add, subtract, multiply and
// divide) when the source and destination ranges are both numeric.
    // Addition - the source range values will be added to the destination range values
    // of 1, (i.e., 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 1+3=4, 1+4=5, 1+5=6).
    cells["D19:D23"].Value = 1.0;
    cells["B3:B7"].Copy(cells["D19:D23"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.Values, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.Add, false, false);

    // Subtraction - the source range values will be subtracted from the destination range
    // values of 1 (i.e., 1-1=0, 1-2=-1, 1-3=-2, 1-4=-3, 1-5=-4).
    cells["E19:E23"].Value = 1.0;
    cells["B3:B7"].Copy(cells["E19:E23"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.Values, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.Subtract, false, false);

    // Multiplication - the source range values will be multiplied by the destination range
    // values of 2 (i.e., 2*1=2, 2*2=4, 2*3=6, 2*4=8, 2*5=10).
    cells["F19:F23"].Value = 2.0;
    cells["B3:B7"].Copy(cells["F19:F23"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.Values, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.Multiply, false, false);

    // Division - the destination range values of 2 will be divided by the source range values
    // (i.e., 2/1=2, 2/2=1, 2/3=0.667, 2/4=0.5, 2/5=0.4).
    cells["G19:G23"].Value = 2.0;
    cells["B3:B7"].Copy(cells["G19:G23"], SpreadsheetGear.PasteType.Values, 
        SpreadsheetGear.PasteOperation.Divide, false, false);
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