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SpreadsheetGear Namespace : IChartSheets Interface

The following tables list the members exposed by IChartSheets.

Public Properties
 PropertyReturns the number of chart sheets in the workbook.  
 PropertyOverloaded. Returns the chart sheet specified by the zero based index.  
 PropertyReturns the parent workbook set of this IChartSheets.  
Public Methods
 MethodReturns a newly created chart sheet which is added to the end of the workbook's sheet collection.  
 MethodCreates a new chart sheet and inserts it after the specified sheet.  
 MethodCreates a new chart sheet and inserts it before the specified sheet.  
 MethodReturns true if the specified IChartSheet is contained by the collection of chartSheets, otherwise false is returned.  
 Method (Inherited from System.Collections.IEnumerable)
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