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Easily Take Advantage of Multi-Core CPUs
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SpreadsheetGear 2023 includes support for multithreaded recalc and sorting which improves the calculation and sorting performance of most workbooks on multi-core CPUs with no additional development effort.

In addition, each WorkbookView has its own workbook set by default. With background calculation, each WorkbookView is able to do multithreaded background calculation on its own background threads, automatically taking advantage of multi-core CPUs. Similarly, event driven applications are able to update multiple workbook sets simultaneously, with SpreadsheetGear 2023 taking care of the Windows Forms and WPF requirements to update each WorkbookView on the thread which created it.

Multithreaded recalc is built on Task Parallel Library.

Multithreaded recalc requires SpreadsheetGear2023.Core.dll and .NET 4.6.2+.

SpreadsheetGear2023.dll is built for .NET 3.5 and does not include multithreaded recalc.

All versions of SpreadsheetGear include support for interruptible background calculation and multiple workbook sets.