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We have tried to provide documentation and samples which cover the features of SpreadsheetGear 2023 in a way which makes it easy for developers to find, understand and use the information you are searching for.

If you have not already done so, please check these resources before submitting a support request:

  1. Check out the resources referred to in the SpreadsheetGear 2023 overview.
  2. As noted in the SpreadsheetGear API overview, the SpreadsheetGear 2023 API is similar to the Excel API and you can frequently learn how to do something in the SpreadsheetGear API by recording a macro in Excel and looking at the generated code.
  3. Number formats and formula syntax are highly compatible with Excel, so any resource which documents or explains these number formats and formulas should prove to be helpful when using these features with SpreadsheetGear 2023.

If you are still unable to find the information you need we are happy to help. SpreadsheetGear 2023 subscriptions come with one year of phone, email and web support. We also provide limited support to developers who are evaluating SpreadsheetGear 2023. Please see our support request page for our latest support policies and contact information.

We are very interested in your feedback and suggestions. Our primary consideration as we prioritize new features is the feedback we receive from developers like you. Again, please see our support request page for contact information.