Microsoft Chooses SpreadsheetGear for .NET to Add Microsoft Excel Based Calculators to MSN Money

When the MSN Money team needed a scalable Excel compatible calculation engine, they evaluated SpreadsheetGear, Excel Services and other 3rd party options and chose SpreadsheetGear for .NET because it is the best fit for MSN Money. After deciding on SpreadsheetGear, a number of Banking, Savings & Debt Management, Family & College Finance and Retirement & Estate Planning calculators were designed by financial experts in Microsoft Excel, saving money and speeding up Release to Web. These Excel models include the calculators as well as proofs of correctness. The MSN Money development staff then used SpreadsheetGear for .NET and ASP.NET to create web pages which are dynamically generated and calculated based on these Excel models. Thanks to the use of features like user defined names, these Excel models can be changed in Excel and deployed with no changes to the underlying ASP.NET code. See the Press Release