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What customers are saying about SpreadsheetGear:

Spreadsheet Component Industry Veterans

Our key developers have over fifty years of combined experience developing high performance commercially available spreadsheet technology which is used by most of the Fortune 500.
Joe Erickson
Founder and CEO
SpreadsheetGear LLC

My Boss Thinks I'm a Genius

Just wanted to give you a little good feedback on your product. I'm a programmer for a small company in Norway and we needed to create an Excel report for one of our customers. So I purchased a license for your wonderful product and it took me about 10 minutes to get the report from a DataTable into a finished Excel document! My boss thinks I'm a genius, but hey; the credit should go to your product. At least half of it. Cheers!
Hans Olav Stjernholm
Chief Developer
ZapDance as, Norway

The Daily Grind Reviews SpreadsheetGear for .NET

September 22, 2005 - "The license allows royalty free deployment, making this a cost effective alternative to Excel as well as a technically superior one for generating worksheets and performing heavy-duty calculations from your .NET applications.
Mike Gunderloy
Lead Developer | Author of numerous books and articles on programming.

Vision and Ability for Advanced Spreadsheets

September 20, 2005 - "With SpreadsheetGear, we finally have a company that understands our requirements in regards to supporting the Microsoft Excel file format in the Microsoft .NET Framework. SpreadsheetGear has the vision and the ability to provide the advanced spreadsheet functionality our customers expect in our products." Tim Tow President Applied OLAP, Inc. Former Microsoft Excel MVP
Tim Tow
President | Former Microsoft Excel MVP
Applied OLAP, Inc.

Above and Beyond Support, Exceptional

Although there was an initial issue related to date formatting associated with a cultural problem, I found that SpreadsheetGear provided myself, and ultimately the bank, with above and beyond support, providing us with the necessary fix for the issue within 2 days. This is nothing less than exceptional, and I for one would like to thank SpreadsheetGear for their tenacity, enthusiasm and dedication to their product.
David Lashley
IT Development Manager
Commercial Bank of Qatar

SpreadsheetGear Joins Microsoft VSIP Program

August 23, 2005 - "We welcome SpreadsheetGear to the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner Program. The improved ability to create, modify, calculate, read and write Microsoft Excel (versions 97 and higher) workbooks will allow our mutual customers to create a broad range of solutions in a rich and familiar form.
Nick Abbott
Group Manager of .NET Developer Product Marketing Group
Microsoft Corp.

SpreadsheetGear for .NET A Pleasure to Work With

SpreadsheetGear for .NET is truly a pleasure to work with. I was up and running within the first day. It is the best spreadsheet generator out on the market. Performance, Ease of Use, and Full Control of the generation process sold me. I no longer have to be concerned with memory leaks, hung processes, COM Interop and slow performance. Our users demand cosmetically appealing reports without additional work. I can build templates at will, with complete control to freeze panes, page setup, cell formats, etc., etc. The old days of pre-building templates are gone. I cannot think of anything this product cannot do.
Todd Dickard
TA Billing Systems Mgr.
TravelCenters of America

SpreadsheetGear for .NET Worked as Described

After trying every Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet solution for the .NET Framework I could find, SpreadsheetGear for .NET is the only one that actually worked as described."
Michael Garnett
Interpublic Group, New York, NY

SpreadsheetGear for .NET So Much Easier

I have one big problem with SpreadsheetGear for .NET, my billable hours are going to go down because your product is so much easier to use than a web grid. Yikes! I sure wish I had found your product a couple of years ago. And converting my webgrid code over to SpreadsheetGear for .NET is going very quickly because all of the logic is already coded and I just have to write to the spreadsheet. I really like not having to insert columns and rows when I need them. I really like your product so far.
Bruce Hemmerich
Manager - Business and Technical Solutions
KeyChainData, LLC

Reduced Time From 20 Minutes to 4 Seconds

We integrated SpreadsheetGear for .NET with an existing application with about two days work and it reduced the time it takes to generate a critical daily report from 20 minutes to 4 seconds. Thanks for making my team look like miracle workers!
Luke Melia
Software Development Manager
Oxygen Media, New York

Your Quick Responses...You Continue to Impress

Your quick responses to queries are one of the original reasons why we opted for your product, and you continue to impress us with the speed at which questions and issues are dealt with.
Justin Blackwell
Volume Design Ltd., Berkshire, United Kingdom

I'm Impressed With the Ease of Use and Speed

I'm impressed with the ease of use and speed of SpreadsheetGear for .NET in rendering large workbooks from a web page. Congrats for your work!
José M. Marcenaro
Tercer Planeta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Over 100 Times Faster Than Other Controls

We just wanted you to know how thrilled we are by the performance we are seeing with SpreadsheetGear for .NET. A 6,000 KB Excel workbook is loading into the WorkbookView control in less than a second. This is over 100 times faster than other controls we’ve tested. That difference makes it possible for us to develop and release a viable product with the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Amy Tate
Chief .NET Architect
Applied OLAP, Inc.,Huntsville, Alabama

Creating Excel Reports Has Never Been Easier

I really am happy with SpreadsheetGear for .NET. It works fantastic, very smooth to handle. Creating Excel Reports has never been easier for me!
Wolfgang Kamir
Softwaretailor, Baden, Lower Austria

Excellent Product And Service

Thank you for all your help during the trial period. Your excellent product and service is what convinced us to buy this component.
Etienne Demers
OceanLogics, Canada

You Have an Excellent Product

You have an excellent product. I've finished my testing and was able to rewrite a program using VB.NET and your control. I wrote the previous version 4 years ago using VB6 which employed the Excel COM object. The old program generated about 2100 excel sheets in 8 hours. With your control it now takes 7 minutes! I also wrote a web form in ASP.NET VB using your control. This was also previously a VB6 / Excel app. This one went from 36 minutes to less than a minute. I'm having no trouble getting this purchase approved!
Mark Hitchcock
Manager of Information Technology
Administrative Concepts, Inc.

Fantastically Powerful Very Easy To Use

SpreadsheetGear for .NET is a fantastically powerful spreadsheet component which is very easy to use and expand. We delivered our mandatory customer requirements well before time so we had plenty of time to implement the nice-to-have requirements nobody ever manages to deliver.
Simon Black
Software Architect

First Rate Support Superior Control

Your support is first rate. We always get an answer within a few minutes of any request or question. This support, combined with the exceptional speed and ease of use of your superior control enables me to create complex spreadsheet solutions that work in a few minutes instead of days. Keep up the excellent work!
Greg Newman
WSFS Bank, Newark DE

Performance, Flexibility Priceless Support

We started to use SpreadsheetGear for .NET almost two years ago when the performance of other controls was becoming problematic. We needed a control that could handle large workbooks with complex formulas to be able to apply Monte Carlo simulation to financial statements. Since that time SpreadsheetGear for .NET has become our tool of choice not only for the performance but also for the flexibility. But most of all, the technical support we receive from SpreadsheetGear LLC is priceless; it has always been fast and accurate with the vision to arrive at the desired solution.
Frédérick Faucher
Analyste Financier
Solutions Modex Inc., Montréal, Canada

ASP.NET and SpreadsheetGear A Match Made in Heaven

ASP.NET and Microsoft Excel is a dangerous combination. ASP.NET and SpreadsheetGear is a match made in heaven. When you need your web or Windows app to interact with Excel files with lightening speed and no COM crashes, SpreadsheetGear for .NET is what you use. This product truly separates the men from the boys in the spreadsheet control marketplace.
Robbe Morris
Microsoft MVP - C# | Co-founder of and former Gartner Sr. Software Engineer

Every Day that Goes By I Am More Amazed

I must say that everyday that goes by I am more amazed with your component. It’s easy to use but still powerful. No more problems using Excel workbooks in the .NET environment. You have spared me about 3 or 4 months of work with your excellent tool. I also must say that I’m using many other components from other companies and no one has proven to be as fast and effective as you in solving a support request.
Pedro Horta
IT Analyst / Programmer
OmnicomMediaGroup, Portugal

Hands Down the Most Intuitive and Easy to Use

Thanks again for your prompt response, and I would just like to say that this is by far the best library that I have worked with. It is hands down the most intuitive and easy to use API that I have used to work with Excel files. Its performance is hard to beat as well.”
Levi Wilson
Software Developer
Press Ganey Associates, South Bend, Indiana

SpreadsheetGear for .NET Robust & Comprehensive

We really love SpreadsheetGear for .NET. The comprehensive and robust set of worksheet functions ensures that our customers are able to fully leverage their Excel knowledge in our product.
Andreas Lipphardt
XLCubed Ltd, Hessen Germany

Best Component Purchase for Many Years

“SpreadsheetGear for .NET provides a platform for spreadsheet web extension second to none. We were able to implement our custom formulas using the SpreadsheetGear engine with ease and these interact with the Excel functions seamlessly. The performance is superb and in many cases faster than in Excel which has been a pleasant surprise. The expertise of the development team is very apparent and we look forward to the new product enhancements coming down the line. From a return on investment perspective this has been our best component purchase for many years.
Mark Scanlon
Managing Director
XLCubed Ltd

SpreadsheetGear - The Best I Have Encountered

The sample code you provided has worked very well indeed. Many thanks for your help. As a developer of bespoke software I can honestly say that of all the components my company has ever used, SpreadsheetGear is the best that I have encountered.
Peter Rose
TEKenable, Ltd., Dublin, Ireland

SpreadsheetGear Kills The Competition

I must say that in terms of structure and completeness, SpreadsheetGear kills the competition.
Mark Keogh
Technical Lead
BCC AdSystems, Sydney, Australia

Fantastic -- From Excel To ASP.NET Dashboard in a Single Afternoon

Fantastic evaluation -- I started with a customer’s Excel workbook with a dashboard containing variable cells and a chart. Using SpreadsheetGear, and your "Dashboard from 1693 Analytics" sample as a template, I created my own ASP.NET page to display our client’s dashboard, and update based on the selection of parameters which get plugged into the variable cells. And I got this working in a single afternoon.
Andy Hofer
Directory of Development
NST Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT

Unmatched Speed and Ease of Coding Make it a Winner

SpreadsheetGear is a great product. The speed is unmatched and the ease of coding makes it a winner.
Steve Cruickshank
Redwood Software

Great Piece of Software Solves Real Problems

SpreadsheetGear for .NET is a great piece of software that has given me faith that there are still developers who write great code to solve real problems and are serious about supporting it.
Deane Barker
Blend Interactive, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

SpreadsheetGear 2009 In a League by Itself

SpreadsheetGear 2009 is Fantastic! I hate to think of NOT having SpreadsheetGear for even one day. These new capabilities just propelled this control way-way past any competition, of which you have none IMHO. As a programmer, I respect the amount of work, etc., that goes into a product that works well and as advertised. We have been using SpreadsheetGear since 2006 and it has saved us countless hours, headaches and $$$. We have had no recurring crashes since we removed all Office COM objects and replaced them with SpreadsheetGear. It seems that everything runs a lot smoother and much faster. SpreadsheetGear is in a league all by itself.
Greg Newman
Senior Software Engineer
WSFS Cash Connect

Brilliant Product Fanatical Support

“Thank you again for your brilliant product and fanatical support. We have never looked back since we discarded FarPoint’s Spread in favour of SpreadsheetGear.
Earl J. Steyn
Data Prime Solutions, Johannesburg, South Africa

Wow! Perfect!!!

Wow! Thank you for the hint! Your support is like your product: Perfect!!!
Christian Donges
:em engineering methods AG, Darmstadt, Germany

The More I Use It The More I Like It

Thanks very much! The more I understand and use SpreadsheetGear, the more I like it. Great job and excellent support.
Rob Stephens
RGS Consulting, Seattle, Washington

The Best Tutorial I Have Ever Encountered

“Your SpreadsheetGear Explorer Sample Solution may be the best tutorial I have ever encountered. In a matter of minutes, I believe I fully understand the major elements and some of the subtle nuances of code needed to put an Excel compatible chart on a Windows Form. In every way I have used SpreadsheetGear, I have been delighted with the documentation, content, performance, and support.
David W. Smith
Materials Engineer
Rolls-Royce Corporation

SpreadsheetGear ROCKS!!!!

We recently bought SpreadsheetGear for an Excel reporting project and have found it to be excellent! However, this week I have discovered that I can use SpreadsheetGear to open an Excel spreadsheet and interrogate it on the fly. This facility has literally saved me weeks of work. Hence I am just dropping you a quick email to say thank you very much. SpreadsheetGear ROCKS!!!!
Andrew Breward

Natural API, Blindingly Fast, Wow!

“Your interface-based approach is refreshing: the API is natural and the underlying code is blindingly fast for what it does. Changing my Excel abstraction to use SpreadsheetGear brought a 2 month pull from 48 minutes (2880 seconds) to 12.7 seconds. Wow!
Dennis C. Wright, LLC

SpreadsheetGear Saved Hours of Development

“SpreadsheetGear helped our team of developers in developing a .NET library that allows users to create custom reports. The ease of use of the SpreadsheetGear product saved us hours of development time and ultimately helped deliver an excellent product to the client. We would definitely recommend using this product!
Robert Jumblatt
CoreBix LLC, Vienna, VA

Special Product Great Job

We’ve been using SpreadsheetGear for 5 years. One of the things that makes this product special is that I really don’t have to think about it – I can spend my time worrying about the application that wraps it rather than the technology itself. The vendor is great to work with too – technical questions are addressed quickly and accurately, without a lot of the refusal to admit problems that plagues other vendors. Great job!!!
Bill Wilson
Development Manager
Thomson Reuters

Best Support I Have Ever Seen

I have been developing software for 28 years and have used many tools on many different platforms. Your technical support is the best I have ever seen.
Greg Peters
Software Architect

Great Support Fantastic Performance

We finished our migration to SpreadsheetGear in only three weeks thanks to your great support and achieved a fantastic performance improvement. Our application used to spend 450 seconds waiting for Excel to load, calculate and save files. SpreadsheetGear does the same work in 24 seconds - 18 times faster!
Irakli Machabeli
Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, New York, NY

Easy Conversion From Formula One

I am really glad to be using your SpreadsheetGear component. The conversion process from the Formula One spreadsheet component was as easy as it could be and your API is really well designed. Thank you very much.
Mark Frishman
Software Consultant
Boston, Mass

Big Mistake Going With Competitor

I tried SpreadsheetGear a few months ago and decided to go with a competitor. Big mistake. Code which opens two workbooks with a large number of formulas initially took over 3 minutes. With a lot of manipulation I got this down to 90 seconds. SpreadsheetGear does it in 6 seconds!!!
David Lees
Compaid Computer Servicesm Reading, England